Stork Celebrations is the premier lawn stork rental company, located in the Chicago suburbs of Illinois.  Stork Celebrations proudly delivers 6-foot premium, unique storks to towns and cities all over the Chicagoland suburban area. Stork Celebrations is a stork sign rental service, dedicated to helping you announce the birth of your new baby to family, friends, and neighbors. Our signs are perfect for birth announcements, adoptions, and baby showers.

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  1. Carla has been amazing. My cousin went through an adoption process and there was never a set date for them to be able to come home from the state in which they adopted. Carla let me move the delivery date back 2-3 times to accommodate the arrival of my cousins and their new baby girl. I received a picture of the stork as soon as it was delivered and everyone loved it! Thanks so much Carla!!


  2. If you deliver to LaGrange Park. I would like to order a pink stork. “Welcome Emme Love Big Brother Jackson”


  3. I called on a Friday and placed an order for setup to be completed by Saturday at 10 A.M. as a surprise. They had it up at 9 A.M. and even texted me a picture of it. It really made her day pulling in the driveway and seeing the stork on the front lawn after some long days at the hospital. I also like that you get to keep the bundle as a keepsake. If we have another child I will definitely be ordering from here again


  4. Hi!
    I’m interested in a quote for a baby girl stork, big brother(1), big sister (×2) and a dog(1). Baby was just born Friday afternoon. Checking to see if surprise can be set up by tomorrow (Sunday) afternoon.

    By the way- I live in the hood…I see you advertise on our community pages!🙂


    • Hi Maggie! I can definitely get it set up for you tomorrow. The 7 day rental for the stork, 3 sibling stars, and doggie sign would be $150. Feel free to give me a call at 630-557-6391, and I can get you all set up.


  5. Looking for a qoute for a stork for Plainfield. Can you do more than one sibling per sign? Is there a delivery charge to Plainfield?


    • Hi Monica! We have 7 day stork rentals. We deliver and set up the stork in your yard and remove it at the end of the rental. The stork bundle (with the baby’s info.) is yours to keep. Stork rental to St. Charles is $130. We also offer sibling stars (for big brothers and sisters) and dog bones for $20 each. You can see more info. on our website http://www.storkcelebrations.com. Also, feel free to call 630-557-6391 to reserve a stork ahead for the end of March!


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