7 thoughts on “Your new baby BOY!

  1. I will need a boy stork in North Aurora with a big sister, big brother, and dog sign too. The baby is to arrive Friday the 12th, is this possible?
    Thank you


    • Absolutely! If you would like to get everything set up ahead of time, feel free to call me at 630-557-6391. Then all you would need to do is text me the stats of the baby.


  2. Looking into a stork and 2 big brothers stars ⭐️
    My daughter is going In tomorrow Tuesday Nov 9 for delivery – and expected to stay 24 hours after delivery –
    Do you go to Sugar Grove, IL & Is it possible to have a stork sign up by Wednesday
    Baby will be a boy


    • Hi! Yes, we deliver to Sugar Grove. We are located in Yorkville. But we will not have any boy storks available until Saturday. I know you want it sooner, but if you would be willing to wait until Saturday, we can definitely accommodate you.


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